Coming Together to Clean Up a Neighborhood

There are some who live in rundown neighborhoods and are content to keep things the way that they are. Some people don’t mind living in an area that is messy and that is not cared for in the best way. There are some who are resigned to living in a place that is full of garbage and mess. And then, there are some who are not content with leaving things the way that they are. There are some who long for a better life for themselves and a better living place for their community.

Residents in one community decided to band together and take care of their neighborhood. These individuals were not content living in a slum, similarly to Adam Sender. These individuals joined together and removed old furniture and trash from their neighborhood. Through the help of a neighborhood joining together these residents were able to clear up their neighborhood and make it into a better place. These individuals were able to join together to change their world in a small way, not content to just live life the way that they were living it.

No Charges for Small Amounts of Marijuana

Those who live in Cook County might not have to worry about being caught with a small amount of marijuana if they are stopped. The attorney for the state has decided that people who have a minimal amount of marijuana will not be prosecuted. There are some stipulations to this as the person would need to have three or less previous arrests. This is an idea that could mean less crowding in the jails and a decrease in money spent taking someone to trial over a drug that really isn’t as bad as what some people think. One solution for those who are caught with marijuana is to get them into a drug program.


This is the kind of help that people who use drugs need instead of being repeatedly arrested and put in jail. Kevin Seawright agrees with this move. If you address the root problem, then you can help the person stay away from the drug in most cases.

Where in the World Is Johnny Depp?

This is the question that many involved with the filming of the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie are asking. Apparently Johnny was supposed to arrive in Australia, which is the setting of the new film, last Monday, but has yet to show up on the set. According to reports, he failed to board his private charter on that date and is suspected to still be in the United States.

Johnny has had quite a bit going on in his life in the recent months including a recent wedding to Amber Heard, which was performed at Depp’s Los Angeles home in early February. Although she was photographed last week while attending a New York film festival, Johnny was not by her side. It has been quite a while, possibly over a month, since he has been seen in public.

Cast and crew of the new film are quite irritated with the whole situation as many are at a standstill until the star of the movie resurfaces. Some are not being paid, which has definitely has hurt their wallets. Ricardo Tosto wonders how much longer they will go through that. Hopefully, Depp will be found soon enough. He has plenty of fans who love him dearly!

Hateful Eight Trailer Released

Quentin Tarantino’s 8th film gets a teaser released and while it doesn’t showcase any of the footage shot in the film, it does get you excited with the music and the visuals. The music used to score this trailer was Iggy Pop and the Stooges’ song, Gimme Danger. The teaser shows the name of the actors and the names of the characters that they portray. The teaser takes place over a blizzard mountain with blood effects shown throughout. The title is eventually revealed with the number 8 spelling out “Hateful”. The teaser ends with “In Glorious 70MM. said that this might cause some kind of confusion among movie goers. It has become rare for people to shoot in 70MM. As a matter of fact, a lot of filmmakers do not even use 35MM anymore. The Hateful Eight has been filmed in 65MM Super Cinemascope which yields an amazing aspect ratio of 2.76:1. Quentin Tarantino is an advocate for film and wants to bring back the classic movie going experience. He plans to tour it on a roadshow at select theaters that can handle the format. After the roadshow, then the film is likely to hit wide release in digital cinemas. It is no telling if there is going to be a reduced ratio seeing that many theater screens are only 2.39:1 with some of them being a narrower 1.85:1. However it goes, The Hateful Eight is going to be one big event.

The Antique Wine Company

Rare Wine Based in London
The antique Wine Company does have superb wine that is quite rare. The company that offers these fine wines is based in London. In 1982 Stephen Williams founded this wine business that just happens to be known around the world. This Antique Wine Company is located on Queen Anne Street. The cellars are filled with well over 10,000 bottles of this worlds finest vintages. This is no ordinary wine company. This is a business that caters to approximately 20,000 very satisfied clients. There are at least 70 countries around the world that have loyal customers of The Antique Wine Company. These rare and fine wines provide some of the rarest and the finest wines. The cellars do hold vintage wine that is well over 150 years old. The loyal consumers include hotels, restaurants, and wine traders. The restaurants are spread out in six continents. 20 years in business and 20,000 loyal clients has lead to a strong and solid company that will be staying in London for quite some time.

Mr. Stephan Williams
How did Mr. Stephan Williams become involved in the wine business? His background was working in the life insurance business. He sold the insurance to earn an honest living. His ten clients taught him about fine wine. He pursued his interest in wine and then learned how to identify the authentic bottles of wine. He continued to gain knowledge and more wine information until he became on of the top and most prominent individuals within the wine industry itself. He was able to establish methods to date wine. He also established methods that allow accurate dating of the wine bottles. Mr. Williams has watched this magnificent wine business flourish. He took a big risk 20 years ago and continued to gain wine knowledge. It would be safe to state that The Antique Wine Company has hit a high level of perfection when it comes to rare and superb wine.

A “World Class Plastic Surgeon”

Rod Rohrich, M.D., is considered to be one of the leading plastic surgeons in Texas. He is an author, dedicated educator and internationally recognized for his contributions to plastic and reconstructive surgery techniques. Dr. Rohrich had a humble beginning. He grew up in North Dakota on a ranch but moved on to graduate from the University of North Dakota. He completed medical school at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. Since then he hasn’t stopped helping, teaching and writing.

Dr. Rohrich has published almost 700 peer reviewed articles. The majority of his articles focuses on research and his clinical work results on rhinoplasty, facial surgery and the treatment of failed cosmetic surgery. In addition to this, he has published 5 textbooks. His latest book is entitled “Navigate Your Beauty: Smart and Safe Plastic Surgery Solutions.”

Dr. Rohrich is not only a Professor but also the Chairman of the plastic surgery department at The University of Texas. In order to meet both national and international demand, he often travels and teaches. He is a well noted speaker and has given more than 2,000 presentations on the science of plastic surgery. He helped to develop one of the most successful residency training programs for plastic and reconstructive surgery in the United States.

Major Accomplishments
Dr. Rohrich is also an innovative scientist at heart. He holds a unique patent for a new breast implant that he personally designed. He also has created unique educational models to train new surgeons on technology and techniques. He currently is the editor of “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”, the leading global journal for plastic surgeons. Dr. Rohrich has compassionately served on the board of directors for many different organizations. These include the Dallas branches of Save the Children, March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society. He is a member of the Dallas for Children Foundation.

In conclusion, Dr. Rohrich is internationally recognized as an innovative plastic surgeon, talented educator and dedicated medical professional.

Skout: Connecting With New People!

Skout is a new and improved way for people to connect. It is different from the other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. Skout is one of the largest networks for meeting new people. Since 2007 Skout has been letting people meet in fun and interesting ways. Skout is more geared towards young adults and college students. This app allows people to virtually meet and connect and even take virtual road trips around the world! And with the high ratings and success, those young adults are making the virtual trips a reality.

The app also features various ways to make it more diverse when connecting. “Shake to Chat” is a feature Skout offers, when you shake your phone, the app will match you to a random person. This will let you start chatting instantly through messaging on the app. Pretty cool, huh? “Skout Travel” is for those who want to travel the world and meet new faces. But don’t want the scary meet-new-people jitters. Skout Travel will virtually take you to another part in the world, and from there you can see who is around and what they’re up to, and from there start a conversation. “Feature Me” is a way to throw yourself on center stage! With Feature Me, you put yourself on the front lines for the whole community to see. With this you can meet and greet with people you’ve never interacted with before and start new adventures.

Not to be confused, Skout is not a travel app. It is a way to network with those around you. Users will use the travel feature when going on a trip and don’t have any acquaintances in the area. Skout is a pen-pal system, somewhat. Starting a conversation through messages and making it the real deal. Skout is similar to other social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter allows it’s users to sign up with simply an email and share photos and start chatting. Skout differs with an in-app currency points system.

The points can be obtained by purchasing them or doing various activities within the app. The points can be spent to see who viewed your profile (which a lot of Facebook users would love to see). You can send gifts to other users, kind of a flirting technique. And you can buy a “wink bomb”. A wink bomb is sending a whole bunch of winky faces to somebody you’re interested in, getting you the attention you want! If you are someone who is wanting to meet new, exciting people that are matched with your interests on your next trip, or if you’re just curious of who is around your community you’ve never met before, Skout is certainly for you!


Dwayne Johnson Cast in Disney’s Moana

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been cast in a wide variety of roles that have led to him becoming one of the highly praised movie stars in Hollywood. Johnson can now add a notch for Disney on his acting resume.

Only a few months ago there were rumors that Johnson would be on the list of names for Disney’s upcoming movie called Moana. As of Wednesday, it is now official that he is now a part of the movie and will be cast in the movie. Johnson himself took to social media and began sharing the news as soon as he was informed of the decision.

The movie Moana is an animated story about an adventure in the South Pacific where a demigod named Maui teams up with the main character, aptly named Moana, and journey across the ocean. reports that the movie is also considered a musical, although it originally wasn’t supposed to be that type of movie. Moana is due to be released in theaters in November of 2016.

In any case, Disney Animation Studios has put out several critical and financial hits in theaters, including Big Hero 6, Wreck-It-Ralph and especially Frozen and now they hope to add Moana to this ever growing list of successes. Johnson’s role as a major character in the movie may very well play a big part in winning big.

The Company That Wants To Give You Free Internet

FreedomPop is a free wireless and mobile phone service that is definitely taking the world by storm. There are so many gimmicks with wireless phone companies that people are getting sick and tired of it. A person quite often can get tricked into being in a very long-term contract that they cannot break. At times if they want to break their contract they have to pay a very high fee to do so. Many mobile phone companies have gotten savvy to the fact that people are sick of contracts, and they have come up with new schemes to help keep their clients and to get rid of contracts. While that is all well and good, FreedomPop has surpassed them all. FreedomPop basically has the same mission that Skype has. Skype’s mission was to give anyone across the world access to to make phone calls without having to pay a super high fee.

For many years people that had friends and loved ones in different countries or in different areas had to pay very high prices for long distance service, or they would have to get a calling card. Now with Skype a person can connect with their family or friend that live across the world without having to pay anything. The only requirement is that the person also has Skype. This is the same model as FreedomPop. They want to give free and fast mobile service to all people. FreedomPop definitely has been able to accomplish its goal. They had a humble beginning in 2012 and now many thousands of people have gotten hip to FreedomPop and they use it every single day. At first FreedomPop only wanted to give free Internet service, but now they are also giving free mobile phone service as well. FreedomPop offers its customers free 4G mobile phone service, free broadband service at home, and free wireless Internet. It can all seem too good to be true, but in reality it is not. The founder of FreedomPop’s names are Steven Stokols and Steven Sesar.

It is no wonder why FreedomPop has definitely made many wireless services and phone companies nervous, with the rate that they are going there are bound to take over the world of wireless and Internet. Since that is the case, a person does well to look more into FreedomPop and their reviews if they have not already, because they could be saving themselves a lot of money.

Check out more about FreedomPop on Engadget.

Real Life “Fault in Our Stars” Couple

The 2014 Indie film “The Fault in Our Stars” starring Shailene Woodly and Ansel Elgort was a tremendous box office success raking in over $300 million in ticket sales on a budget of just $12 million. The story was about two chronically ill young adults who find love despite their illnesses. While Marcio Alaor BMG says that life ends up being short for one of the youths, it was made sweet by the love they shared.

Now, it turns out there is a real life couple not too dissimilar from the one portrayed in the film. They met online several years ago in a website for people with cystic fibrosis (CF). At the time, Miss Katie Donovan reached out to Dalton Prager offering to be a source of support for him should he need it. After getting to know one another, they began to grow close and subsequently fall in love. Despite the counsel of their physicians, who discourage visits between patients with CF due to the high risk of spreading infections between them, they met and romantic sparks flew.

That was several years ago and the couple is happily married. Dalton has since received a successful lung transplant, but his wife’s lung transplant is held up by Medicaid. The entitlement program has denied coverage for her procedure. She desperately wants the lifesaving procedure. She is upset that Medicaid has placed a dollar amount on her life. Her husband says he will continue searching for a way to fund the cost of her transplant.