Commitment To Helping Education Is Important To Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos has proven himself committed to helping improve education in America, in my opinion. Along with his and his family’s amazing success with Amway, Dick has joined with his wife Betsy and others in the family who have given back to their community. He does the same while serving as the President of the Windquest Group, where he demonstrates great integrity and inner strength.

It impresses me that Dick Devos gave a whopping $90 million dollars to many different foundations in the year 2013. At least half of that money went to educational causes. They gave to charities to help in education for K-12, Christian private school, and university students. As far as I can tell, the DeVos family’s donations are mostly in the following four categories: church, education, health care, the arts, and community. They made about 600 donations, mostly in their home area of Grand Rapids, but also in other areas of the state of Michigan. At least 48 percent was given to educational needs.

So, I’m happy to see that Dick DeVos is no miserly or selfish rich 1 percenter. He has come out as a true philanthropist, who cares about the welfare of others. This seems to be in keeping with his philosophy that “with great reward, comes great responsibility.” He has personally helped over 4,000 kids get a better education with the Education Freedom Fund, which gives out scholarships to needy students who attend the West Michigan Aviation Academy. He founded this academy to give more people a rigorous aviation-centered education.

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