Wengie’s Life Hacking Advice is Fantastic

If you are familiar with the Australian YouTube sensation, Wengie, you will understand how awesome she is as a person. She is not only beautiful with a bubbly personality; she also is very smart. Check out Wengie’s life hacking tips to get some practical advice about the things that happen in everyday life.

Wengie knows that people do not like to fold their clothes after they wash them. However, Wengie realizes that this task must be done to keep order. She suggests that people throw their clothes on their bed because eventually, most people will fold them.

Wengie knows that plastic bags are useful for travel. People can put all sorts of items in them while on their trip. One thing that Wengie suggests for people to do, is to place a piece of cardboard within a plastic bag. This way, if a person has to put a document inside of their backpack it will stay in shape and not get folded wrinkled.

Believe it or not, Wengie has to do garbage detail in her home. That’s right folks, this beautiful Asian starlet has to take out her own trash. To make this job easier, she suggests that people line the bottom of their trash bags with newspaper. This way any runoff from the trash will not ruin the bottom of the can.

Unless a person has a digital shower unit they will never be able to consistently get their water to the perfect temperature. Wengie has a great solution for this problem. She encourages people to take an erasable marker and make marks on the nozzle to where their favorite water setting is located. This will help them to find their perfect water temperature every time; without guessing.

Wengie has another tip for anyone that shops for groceries. This is virtually everyone that is reading this article. She recommends that you take a picture of the inside of your refrigerator. Take a picture of all of the shelves and even the contents in the freezer. This way, you can figure out what you need while you.

This tip also works for cupboards as well. This seems like a great trick that will eliminate the need for a grocery list. Good job Wengie. If you want to find out more about Wengie’s Life Hacks.


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