The Conferences Of The Wessex Institute Of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology holds about 25 conferences a year around the world. The reason for the conferences is to fulfill the institute’s primary mission which is to facilitate a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms. By holding conferences they facilitate the exchange of information between different disciplines as well as between academics and industry professionals. In order to organize the conferences Wessex Institute of Technology partners with other organizations and universities.
The conferences that are held engage in a wide range of disciplines across the scientific community. An example of conferences held in 2016 include issues like urban transport and design, advances in fluid mechanics, and sustainable development and planning. On the slate for 2017 they will hold conferenced on issues like disaster management, timber structures, and water resource management. At each of these conferences they will bring together interested parties where they will be encouraged to discuss and debate the issue at hand. Click for added info.

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