Arthur Becker: Artist and Investor

Arthur Becker is currently working to complete his first ground-up real estate development project on his own. The project is a luxury condominium with eight units located at 465 Washington Street in New York City. The project is expected to have a selling value of $52.5 million. In addition to investing in New York City real estate, Becker is also involved in real estate investment in Florida and investment in technological startup companies.

According to NY Daily News, Becker also has a profound interest in creating artistic pieces and collecting notable objects. His collections include pieces of ancient African currency. An interesting art project of his involves the creation of art out of pieces of money as a means of making a social commentary on our society’s perception of finance. These pieces consist of items such as origami composed of dollar bills or gold bars stacked up in an artistic fashion.

Arthur Becker’s interest in art stems back to when he attended Bennington College to receive his bachelor of arts in Fine Arts. While there, he had a mixed major in ceramics and photography. He graduated in 1969. Becker’s artwork has been exhibited at a number of notable locations including Art Basel, Arcature Fine Art, the Hal Katzen and Morgan Walker Fine Art.

Becker’s business knowledge is rooted in his days as a student at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. While there he received his MBA. He went on to work in a number of business ventures in several different capacities. His previous employment includes serving as CEO of NaviSite, a technology company that hosted data centers and provided application management to business via cloud technology. Currently, Becker is a managing member of Madison Partners, LLC and the Chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC. Madison Partners, LLC is an investment firm that focuses on investing capital in areas such as real estate and biotechnology ventures.

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