You Might Not Have Heard About the Limited Fabletics Release

Every young adult that likes to job or practice physical exercises probably already heard of the sports apparel company named Fabletics. Fabletics is part of a group of brands that aim to produce clothes with high quality in a variety of categories. Fabletics has assumed the type of apparels for doing physical exercises, and they are doing great in Amazon sales and e-commerce charts. Sales have never been that good.


The brand recently got to feature Demi Lovato in one of their newest releases. The creator and CEO of the company, Kate Hudson, did an interview where she talked about the event that would feature the body champion and celebrity of the American cinema and music.


According to Kate, it was an honor to work with Demi Lovato, and both are very excited to announce the very empowering active wear soon.


The company announced that the new apparels would be available to be reviewed and purchased by customers and members of the Fabletics subscription starting on 8 May 2017.


As soon as the new collection of clothes hit the online stores, sales went wild.


According to one of the employees of Fabletics, part of the reason why sales did so well at the beginning of the announcement, during the inauguration and it’s still at an all-time high, is because the sales method that Kate Hudson implemented for Fabletics, the reverse showroom technique, is a win-win situation for both the brand and the customers, and our buyers know that. It’s always something that they can’t find in other fashion brands.


Demi Lovato was also an outstanding choice to represent the sports apparel company since the celebrity is consistently publishing photos and statements on Instagram, Facebook and other social media about working out and the constant dedication that she has at keeping her body healthy and fit.


The singer has admitted that he has already bought tons of apparels from Fabletics herself. The way that Fabletics has handled e-commerce made shopping clothes through Fabletics much more practical than anywhere else. Because Kate and the sales team do not care where the client buys their clothes, they can find prices and clothing offers anywhere on the internet, and the official website still redirects them to that online store. Because of that, their subscription is always benefic, even if buyers are not ordering directly from the official store.


Also, because of how Kate had the brilliant idea of investing first in the e-commerce and then add a research panel that lets the team analyze what customers buy, the physical stores of Fabletics can see what fitness apparels are doing great in that particular area and sell specifically those clothes to avoid having a stash full of cold products.


The limited-edition release featured by Demi Lovato will be available in sizes XXS through 3X. They have the theme of being colorful and very appealing to the teenage public, passing a sense of security and confidence through their clothing.


Part of the profits from the new release will be directly sent to support a foundation named “Go Girl,” which aims to provide bicycles to girls in underdeveloped countries.


If you’re interested in learning more, visit the official website at

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