Wengie Brings The Life Hacks Home

As our lives have become ever increasingly more strapped for time, each new venture and activity pull on an already strained schedule full of career obligations, personal goals, and of course the occasional period of rest. As we push ourselves further into scheduling chaos, our lives can become traps in which we fall into to daily. Such is the sad reality of those who do not hack.


Before you get out your hoodie, perfect your pale parlour, and maybe start looking for imiginary firneds in your area, maybe that imiginary bar down the street is a perfect place to look, I don’t mean computer hacking. I’m talking about the much easier, and definietly more legal, life hacking.


Life hacking for all of those who prefer to experience time in a non-linear fashion or those who recently escaped cultist living underground, is finding simple but effective ways of improving the little things you do every day during a normal routine.


Wengie Brings the Hacks Back


Now that we have moved beyond trying to remember if python is more than a reptile, let’s get started with the queen of all things hacked, Youtube star and fashion icon, Wengie.


Wengie brings her viewers brand new and innovative ways they can improve their lives, whether they are simple hacks for your hair, home, or sometimes even safety. Wengie helps her viewers find the best version of themselves as she lights the way to a hacked life, one full of repurposed Tic-Tac containers, hands-free mornings, and of course more time to spend doing the things we love.

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