The Blog Of CEO Clay Siegall And His Effort To Provide Cures To Deadly Diseases

The Chairman and CEO of Seattle Genetics enjoys keeping other people apprised of the latest developments in the world of science. Clay Siegall has a blog that he uses to post scientific and other types of articles that are interesting and informative to read. An article Clay recently posted describes how climate change is affecting coffee farmers in Uganda. Climate change has led to rising temperatures in their region as well as a longstanding drought. These conditions not only lead to less productive coffee trees they also lead to more damage from plant diseases and increasing swarms of pests. As coffee is the nation’s biggest import the effects of climate change are decimating everyone in this country whether they farm coffee themselves or not.

Another article describes but one of the executive of American companies reaction to Donald Trump pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Nick Akins, who is the top executive at American Electric Power, said that’s very important that American companies stay engaged with the international community. He also pledged his company to continuing their efforts to creating a clean energy economy despite the current President’s stated intentions.

Clay Siegall founded his company in 1998 as he wanted to explore targeted therapies to diseases that hurt and kill people all over the world. The therapies that he and his team create target cells that are diseased while leaving alone cells that are healthy. He has stated that this is the next generation of drugs and are not only less harmful than older drugs but are far more effective. His focus is on antibody-drug conjugates which have shown extraordinary promise in treating several forms of cancer as well as other deadly diseases.

While Dr. Siegall always wanted to help people through working in medical research, his passion took on extra urgency and poignancy when his father died of cancer when Clay was just 24 years old. He recognized that the treatments of that time were very limited in curing people and often caused patients a great deal of harm. He wanted to provide something better and founding Seattle Genetics was his solution to this problem.


Lori Senecla Promotes An Efficient Business Model

These days, it is important for people to be very efficient in what they can do so that they can bring forth the results that they need. This is especially important when it comes to business. For people that are working in the advertising industry, it is very important to be efficient in what is being done so that they can bring about desired results in a short amount of time. Lori Senecal understands why it is important to be quick and efficient. There are some people that are opposed to this approach. They would stress the importance of focusing on quality as opposed to quantity.

One thing that people who know Lori Senecal would state is that she does not sacrifice quality for quantity. As a matter of fact, she is someone who makes the most of the time that she allows herself. She brings forth some of the best results because she is so focused on what she is doing. Therefore, Lori Senecal puts together work that is just as effective as the other advertisers at half the time it takes to get everything together. Therefore, she has shown that one does not have to spend hours on a campaign in order to bring about high quality. You can visit Cruchbase to know more.

One thing that people don’t seem to think about is that it is possible for people to spend too much time on a project. When things are overthought, it can actually work against the project as a whole. Lori Senecal understands the importance of avoiding over-complicating things. When she comes up with an ad campaign, she gives her clients something that is a great representative of their companies. All that is needed is for their client to follow through in the use of the campaign so that they can just look at all of the results it brings forth.

One good thing about the results that Lori’s campaign brings in is that it not only makes money for the clients, but it also makes money for Lori. Lori is able to grow her company while at the same time helping other companies grow.

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Goettl Makes Keeping Home Cool Simple With Right Advice

During the summer months out in the southwest and Northern California, air conditioning needs to be kept running efficiently so that your home stays comfortable at all times. Many times air conditioners will quit from running excessively and many repair costs can be prevented by simply taking care of the central units. Goettl Air Conditioning is an air conditioning repair contract company that has been in business a long time and always informs its customers about cooling tips. They’ve given subscribers to Norcal News tips about how to keep their air conditioners performing at maximum.

Goettl says that homes should be insulated against the elements, and that includes putting film over the windows to make sure heat isn’t absorbed into unused rooms, and special insulation for the attics to keep heat out of rooms below. Also, keeping thermostats out of sunlight prevents them from running more than they should. Zone-controlled systems are also a good feature to have to make sure only the necessary areas of your home are being cooled. Goettl also says air conditioners need to be maintained regularly by experienced technicians as doing this will keep the units lasting longer and always performing at the right levels.

Goettl Air Conditioning was originally founded by Gust and Adam Goettl in the 1930s in the greater Phoenix area of Arizona. When Ken Goodrich bought the company in 2013 he started growing it into the Las Vegas and southern Nevada locale. He formed several partnerships with Las Vegas Air, Paradise Air and then The Sunny Plumber to promote even more home improvement services to customers. Goettl has put people first in its priorities and is available around the clock to repair broken air conditioners and heaters. They also give back to the communities including repairing a family’s heating system for free in Las Vegas this last Christmas.


José Auriemo Neto- Chairman of JHSF

JHSF is a Brazilian-based organization that deals in real estate development, shopping malls, gastronomy, and hotels. JHSF was founded in 1972 by two brothers namely José Roberto Auriemo, and Fábio Auriemo along with two other partners. Initially, the company was called JHS but later changed its name to JHSF in 1990. This was after there was a split in the firm. As a result of the division, Fábio Auriemo called his company JHSF. Moreover, as an outcome of the division, José Roberto became the president of the other company which he called JHSF. Initially, before the split, JHS was mainly providing incorporation and construction services.

Currently, JHSF operates both nationally and internationally. Some of the countries are Uruguay, and United States of America. One of the development projects done by the firm is the construction of the building 815 on Fifth Avenue located in New York, USA. Additionally, another project done by the company is the real estate development of the residential condominium known as Las Piedras found in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

José AuriemoNeto functions as the Chief Executive Officer, and President of JHSF. Neto’ primary focus is to ensure the spread of the firm’s interests in matters relating to public developments, hotels, and office buildings. Additionally, Auriemo also controls the company’s extensive retail and shopping portfolio. These include the prestigious Cidade Jardim shopping complex in Säo Paulo and the Bela Vista in Salvador. Besides, other shopping and retail portfolios of JHSF are the Ponta Negra shopping center in Manaus, and the Metrô Tucuruv. Currently, the company is doing two development projects in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The developments are due to the vast growth of the economic market in the country.

In 2009, José Auriemo Neto signed the company’s first venture into retail. He did this by signing exclusive partnership agreements with Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. Additionally, José Auriemo Neto opened the first retail outlet of the company known as Cidade Jadrim shopping complex. Moreover, with the help of Neto’s expertise, the company was able to secure a partnership with Valentino. This partnership enabled JHSF to launch the first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino stores in Brazil.

Bruce Bent; the Innovative Entrepreneur.

Bruce Bent is a New York-born entrepreneur who first started out as a clerk and mail carrier. He joined the US Marine Core before enrolling in St. John’s University. At St. John’s University, he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Economics. After university, Bruce Bent started out his long and prosperous career at Rothschild and Company. It was one of the most celebrated firms in New York. He worked at the Rothschild Firm for about two years before transferring to a pension firm. It is while working at the pension firm where he met his friend and business partner, Mr. Brown.
Bruce crafted the idea of establishing the first money market after meeting with Mr. Brown. Together with his friend Brown, they consistently racked their brains, trying to figure out the best and safest way to make investments. The idea of creating a money market was superb: it allowed investors to access their money as soon as they wanted it. That was not all; the money market would guarantee investor safety for their money. When they set up the business, it first started out slowly mainly because they had not done any serious advertisement for the services they rendered.
Their main means of advertising was through telephone calls to potential customers and distribution of brochures in the streets. They, however, got their big break early in 1973 when the New York Times featured their business in one of their articles in the business segment. Surprisingly, the public reacted quite positively to their innovation. By the end of 1973, the firm had received over 100 million dollars in deposits.
As an entrepreneur, Bent has tried his hand in many businesses. He has earned his place on the table of movers and shakers. One of his most respected enterprises is the Double Rock. The enterprise is a corporation that mainly deals with financial technology. It is an established company with a large workforce. Double Rock has many subsidiaries which it fully owns. Bruce has a few patents under his name being a pioneer in the money market or cash management business. This shows that Bruce Bent is not only business savvy but also an innovator.
He is also keen in ensuring that business does not flourish at the expense of the environment. Bruce Bent is a believer and supporter of development that is sustainable. He sits on the Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson.The purpose of the council is to conserve the Hudson River from pollution.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter @bbentii

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta Expounds On What is to Be Expected With the New HDIT/HTC Development

Technology is a key component in the development of medical treatments and therapies. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one disorder that scientists and medical practitioners have been scratching their heads on for a long time. Recent research findings from NIH signals a new wind of hope to the fight against the disorder. The research, as expounded by Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta, found out that MS can be thwarted by high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT/HCT). This treatment procedure involves using a patient’s blood cells to regenerate stem cells.


A Closer Look at the Study


The research took about five years and the research sample involved 24 MS patients of between 26 and 52 years. These patients were suffering from recurring memory loss, brain disorders, and other multiple sclerosis symptoms. They had all been subjected to traditional treatments but had all gone terribly wrong. The treatment procedure proved effective for about 69 percent of the entire sample, with the MS symptoms recurring in only about 31 percent of them.


This impressive HDIT/HCT success rate is unprecedented in the Multiple Sclerosis study. Its effectiveness surpasses the traditionally approved treatment procedures, such as MS drugs. As Dr. Shiva sees it, this new development will potentially become the future of MS treatment. Above that, HDIT/HCT will also offer treatment alternatives to those patients who fail to respond to other forms of treatment.


About Shiva Gopal


Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a qualified neurologist based in New Jersey. He has practiced in the field for the last four decades and currently practices under the Kennedy University of Hospital. His fluency in both English and Spanish places him at a point higher than other neurologists in New Jersey and beyond.

Vasishta studied at Government Medical College and graduated in 1979 with a BS in neurology. He later improved on his qualifications by undertaking a residency at Boston City Hospital.



The Life and accomplishments of Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel was born on August 26 of 1982. He is a famous American Basketball College Coach. He teaches Basketball as an assistant coach for the Nevada Wolf Pack Men’s Basketball Team, which is under Eric Musselman. Before teaching Basketball, he also taught as an assistant coach for the Vanderbilt Commodores, California Golden Bears, and the Harvard Crimson. In the world of Basketball, Yanni Hufnagel has made a name for himself and has been known to be one of the top recruiters for college basketball teams.

Before he started his career, Yanni Hufnagel went to college for one year at the Pennsylvania State University. Throughout his stay in college, he was recruited as a defenseman for his school’s lacrosse team during his freshman year. In 2006, Yanni Hufnagel transferred to Cornell University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Labor and Industrial Relations. During the summer, he had also completed an internship with the New Jersey Nets. Shortly after, Yanni Hufnagel went to the University of Oklahoma, where he assisted as a graduate assistant coach for the Sooners Men’s Basketball Team where he was commended for helping in the development of Blake Griffin.

Yanni Hufnagel also earned a Master’s Degree in Higher and Adult Education with an emphasis on intercollegiate athletics in the year 2010. He also joined the Harvard Crimson Basketball team for men in June of 2009, as a recruiter and assistant coach for Tommy Amaker. Due to his ability to motivate players, he was voted in a survey from CBS sports as the mid-major coach who would most likely be able to make it big time because of his ability to recruit. Yanni Hufnagel was also named to a CBS sports college “dream team” of assistant coaches because of his energy and positive attitude when it came to recruiting players for the game.

Throughout his career, Yanni Hufnagel had accomplished a lot and had proven to help a lot of people as well. Because of his relentless energy and positivity, he has changed the attitude of many college Basketball players and has continued to help them flourish in their love for the game.

The Impressive And Knowledgeable Track Record Of White Shark Media

White Shark Media is one of the leaders in digital marketing and offers online marketing solutions tailored for small to medium sized businesses. The are one of the fastest growing agencies in their field in North America and have a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and cost effective campaigns.


White Shark Media has helped companies all over America with business growth by using a combination of online marketing tactics and their specialized suites of marketing tools. They track the marketing efforts of their clients with keyword level tracking ensuring they are accountable to their clients on a monthly basis.


Their first client remains with the company and has seen three years of consistent growth. White Shark Media is now located in three countries and has more than 150 employees. They have mastered Bing Ads, Google Analytics, AdWords Search and Display Advertising. In 2012 Google invited White Shark Media to the Google HQ in Mountain View California due to their rapid growth. They worked with a support team to leverage out the needs of their clients and their growth.


Three Danish entrepreneurs founded White Shark Media in 2011 with a vast experience in online and offline marketing. Their goal was the conquering of the SMB market in both Latin America and the United States by providing unprecedented service and an outstanding product. They found the winning formula with a combination of a domestic and offshore presence using an employee base that was bilingual and talented.


White Shark Media shares all their knowledge and experience with their clients. They use proven concepts instead of testing from scratch. They are one of just 29 Google AdWords SMB Partners located in the United States. In July of 2014, White Shark Media received a partnership with Google AdWords Premier due to their collaboration with the company. They are part of a group of hand selected strategic partners that have met the stringent training and eligibility requirements of Google. This recognition is privileged and not often awarded.

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How Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has grown in the Brazilian Legal Industry

Brazil is one of the countries that have the highest number of lawyers. It is also recognized for having many higher learning institutions that offer different law courses. According to research, more than 1024 courses were being offered in law schools across Brazil by the end of 2007. The county has created its legislation and the constitution from the Portuguese, German, French, and Italian civil laws. The current federal constitution of Brazil was passed in 1988. Any individual who would like to serve as an attorney must attend law school for five years and be awarded a degree. Graduates are also needed the pass a test that is offered by the Bar Association of Brazil before being certified as lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an acknowledged lawyer how has made great accomplishments during his career. He was awarded his degree in law from the Mackenzie University and started practicing immediately after graduation. Carvalho has won several cases where he has represented governments, companies, and individuals. He has been approached to handle litigations on behalf of politicians, local and global companies, entrepreneurs, and high profile persons. Mr Ricardo de Oliveira Carvalho is well informed on the field and has helped in the development of exemplary systems that have guided other law professionals. Ricardo Tosto on Twitter.

Carvalho has been appointed to act as a member of organizations that are important to Brazil’s law industry, and they include Revista dos Tribunais, the Institute for Management Development, and the International Bar Association. He also plays a management role at the Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies (IBEDEP). The attorney’s skills enabled him to be appointed to the board of the Study Center for Attorney Partnership. Another major accomplishment of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is writing O Processo de Tiradentes, which is a famous Brazilian book. Click here to know more.

Ricardo Tosto played a significant role in the establishment of Leite, Tosto e Barros, which is among Brazil’s top 10 law firms. The company’s offices are located in Sao Paulo, Brasilia, and Rio de Janeiro. Carvalho is the managing partner of the organization, and he has majored in consumer law, corporate law, consumer law, international law, environmental law, mergers and spin-offs, and property.


Dr. Clay Siegall Blazes a Trail for a Cure for Cancer

Clay Siegall PhD, who is the partner of the founder of Seattle Genetics, and the company president and CEO as well, is a scientist that has worked for years to find a cure for cancer. Here is a little about him, his life and what he had done so far.


Seattle Genetics was created as a foundation on discovering therapies for cancer treatment that is humane and easily accessible to all. It began in 1998, and in 2011, the FDA approved some of the first products it has released. The first one released was ADCETRIS (R), commonly known as Bretuximab Vedotin. The pharmaceutical company Takeda offered the product in over 65 countries already.


The success rate of this product for curing cancer is staggering. Dr. Segal has been working hard to develop licenses to allow other companies to offer the product as well. It is an exciting endeavor that is encouraging to those that champion the cure for cancer everywhere.


Before Dr Siegall began that journey, he first served Bristol-Myers Squibb Research Institute, working to try to solve the issues around curing cancer. He did this from 1991 to 1997. During that time as well, he worked to solve the problem with cancer at the prestigious National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991.


From 1988 to the present day, Dr. Siegall has been on the board of directors for Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Washington Roundtable and Alder BioPharmacuticals. From 2013, at the University of Maryland, he won Alumnus of the Year for his computer, natural science and math contributions. Then, in 2012, he won Ernst and Young’s Young Entrepreneur of the year award. His contributions have achieved over 15 patents and 70 publications in the subject area. The future really holds so much for this champion for the cure for cancer.