Bruce Bent; the Innovative Entrepreneur.

Bruce Bent is a New York-born entrepreneur who first started out as a clerk and mail carrier. He joined the US Marine Core before enrolling in St. John’s University. At St. John’s University, he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Economics. After university, Bruce Bent started out his long and prosperous career at Rothschild and Company. It was one of the most celebrated firms in New York. He worked at the Rothschild Firm for about two years before transferring to a pension firm. It is while working at the pension firm where he met his friend and business partner, Mr. Brown.
Bruce crafted the idea of establishing the first money market after meeting with Mr. Brown. Together with his friend Brown, they consistently racked their brains, trying to figure out the best and safest way to make investments. The idea of creating a money market was superb: it allowed investors to access their money as soon as they wanted it. That was not all; the money market would guarantee investor safety for their money. When they set up the business, it first started out slowly mainly because they had not done any serious advertisement for the services they rendered.
Their main means of advertising was through telephone calls to potential customers and distribution of brochures in the streets. They, however, got their big break early in 1973 when the New York Times featured their business in one of their articles in the business segment. Surprisingly, the public reacted quite positively to their innovation. By the end of 1973, the firm had received over 100 million dollars in deposits.
As an entrepreneur, Bent has tried his hand in many businesses. He has earned his place on the table of movers and shakers. One of his most respected enterprises is the Double Rock. The enterprise is a corporation that mainly deals with financial technology. It is an established company with a large workforce. Double Rock has many subsidiaries which it fully owns. Bruce has a few patents under his name being a pioneer in the money market or cash management business. This shows that Bruce Bent is not only business savvy but also an innovator.
He is also keen in ensuring that business does not flourish at the expense of the environment. Bruce Bent is a believer and supporter of development that is sustainable. He sits on the Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson.The purpose of the council is to conserve the Hudson River from pollution.

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