The Blog Of CEO Clay Siegall And His Effort To Provide Cures To Deadly Diseases

The Chairman and CEO of Seattle Genetics enjoys keeping other people apprised of the latest developments in the world of science. Clay Siegall has a blog that he uses to post scientific and other types of articles that are interesting and informative to read. An article Clay recently posted describes how climate change is affecting coffee farmers in Uganda. Climate change has led to rising temperatures in their region as well as a longstanding drought. These conditions not only lead to less productive coffee trees they also lead to more damage from plant diseases and increasing swarms of pests. As coffee is the nation’s biggest import the effects of climate change are decimating everyone in this country whether they farm coffee themselves or not.

Another article describes but one of the executive of American companies reaction to Donald Trump pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Nick Akins, who is the top executive at American Electric Power, said that’s very important that American companies stay engaged with the international community. He also pledged his company to continuing their efforts to creating a clean energy economy despite the current President’s stated intentions.

Clay Siegall founded his company in 1998 as he wanted to explore targeted therapies to diseases that hurt and kill people all over the world. The therapies that he and his team create target cells that are diseased while leaving alone cells that are healthy. He has stated that this is the next generation of drugs and are not only less harmful than older drugs but are far more effective. His focus is on antibody-drug conjugates which have shown extraordinary promise in treating several forms of cancer as well as other deadly diseases.

While Dr. Siegall always wanted to help people through working in medical research, his passion took on extra urgency and poignancy when his father died of cancer when Clay was just 24 years old. He recognized that the treatments of that time were very limited in curing people and often caused patients a great deal of harm. He wanted to provide something better and founding Seattle Genetics was his solution to this problem.


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