Vijay Eswaran Talks About His Leadership Style

Vijay is the brain behind the multi-million conglomerate, QI Group. When asked about his leadership style, the shrewd entrepreneur posited that his father taught him crucial lessons when he was growing up. One of them is “Service above Self.” According to Eswaran, he instills this lesson to his team.

Vijay Eswaran asserts that they run a global company, but they strive to maintain the soul of a small entity that is in sync with its humble beginning. The executive reminds himself of this mantra and continues to restate the same to his employees.

Vijay says that one of the lessons that has remained in his heart as an entrepreneur is that it is not corporations that succeed, but the employees of such institutions. To this end, Eswaran posits that he changed his universal academic approach of drafting business plans, having skills set and capital.

Today, he seeks to identify, recognize and attract like-minded individuals. When he was questioned on the traits that he looks for in an employee, Vijay said that he focuses on unquantifiable attributes such as the ability to work hard, determination, daring, trust, loyalty and sincerity.

Vijay posits that businesses can be designed in an effective manner if individuals remember that they have the same abilities as professional sports teams.

He believes that for a team to win, one will require to source for the best players, put more efforts in the training field, devise winning strategies and outdo the opponents. Eswaran goes on to state that such a team will need to improve their knowledge and skills for the game continuously.

The executive contends that a company may have everything that makes them function. However, without the ideal employees, such an entity will not be successful. Vijay asserts that the success of all the subsidiaries of QI group is anchored on recruiting the ideal employees having the right mindset and attitude. They train these employees and grow them with the objective of enabling them to take ownership of the company.

QI Group was incorporated in 1998. Under the transformative leadership of Vijay, the conglomerate has been able to expand its services to many countries. The company has four regional offices, which are based in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

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Texas Based Highland Capital Announces New Healthcare Fund With South Korean Affiliate

Highland Capital, the investment management firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has announced a new collaborative healthcare fund with the backing of their South Korean affiliate.

Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd. and Highland Capital have launched the private equity healthcare fund with an impressive $147 million in starting capital. This is only a drop in the bucket when compared to the estimated $499.8 billion worth of Nation Pension Service (NPS), the South Korean anchor investor that is standing behind the lucrative deal.

Rather than putting all their eggs in a single country’s basket this fund is meant to benefit the interests of the United States, South Korea and China, making it a multi-national powerhouse. It is the first healthcare based investment by Highland Capital on the Asian continent and has been praised by entities from all three sectors.

Highland Capital’s Matt Jameson spoke about the aims of the fund in terms of its impact on the middle market. With the US’s healthcare system in a strange flux there is an increasing pressure to stabilize what he calls “disruptive forces” within that section of the market.

Asia as a whole is also experiencing a shift in their healthcare economy. The widening of health services include unprecedented access across the entire population. Much of that population is aging, just as it is in the United States. This, alongside unique profit models, make it an ideal time to move towards healthcare funds for investors across the globe.

Health equities are nothing new for Highland Capital, which has spent the past fifteen years increasing their strategies to include the healthcare market.

Adam Goldenberg: Building an E-Commerce Empire

Adam Goldenberg is the chief executive officer of JustFab, which just went into a recent name change, dropping their old company name “JustFab” in favor of a new catchy-sounding name: TechStyle. Adam Goldenberg had a recent interview with and he explained why the company has to go under a change of name. The rebranding was decided upon the growing popularity of their brand, and more people are subscribing to the service that they introduced, according to Adam Goldenberg. The company is also getting a lot of positive feedbacks lately, and according to Adam Goldenberg, they will have to shift their focus on expanding the brand and making better improvements compared to their JustFab years. Adam Goldenberg stated that what they are trying to reach for TechStyle is for it to be the leader in brand building, and not just focusing on retail on He believes that the rise of e-commerce in the future would open up a lot of opportunities for, and these opportunities are just waiting around the corner. They are also aiming to build brands from scratch at a faster pace, thanks to their new found sales model and their online subscription system.

TechStyle managed to become one of the most observed new found companies in the e-commerce and internet retail industry, because of how fast the company grows. According to Adam Goldenberg, they are doing their best to limit the managing of the company to themselves. They do the designing, manufacturing, and all other processes in the business. They have to be focused on these things because this is what drives their company to success. Without these three, their business would surely fall. Under the leadership of Adam Goldenberg, the company managed to secure some funding, totaling to $85 million and its valuation is at $1 billion, and they noted this feat as a company milestone at

The company was founded in 2012, and it managed to grow exponentially in a short period of time, thanks to the assistance of Adam Goldenberg’s friends and colleagues. They have acquired small businesses in the process, and they have been receiving a number of finances as well. Other brand names have made deals with them, and as of now, Fabletics is offering stylish workout clothes that would fit anyone, since it doesn’t have any size limit. TechStyle wanted to expand and is now planning to open up 100 new physical stores across the United States.

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Omar Yunes Contribution towards Sushi Itto’s Success Honored

Omar Yunes, a Mexican investor, was named the 2015’s Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) competition. Omar has been a franchisee of Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain since he was at the age of 21. Today, Omar owns 13 franchised units in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. The 13 units represent ten percent of the total franchised units owned by Sushi Itto.

A Competitive Award

In a statement during the ceremony, which was held in Florence, Italy on December 5, 2015, Omar could not hide his excitement as he dedicated the award to the 400 employees of the 13 units under his name. To emerge the winner, Omar Yunes beat competitors from other nations including Hungary, Brazil, France, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, and Argentina. The evaluation was based on the contribution of the franchise to knowledge, employee motivation, improvements proposed and implemented as well as its effect on the network.

According to the BFW organizer, Diego Elizarrarras, Omar successful journey began when he won at national level elimination. Omar was honored for his efforts in strengthening the franchisee-franchisor relationship, implementing control boards that help evaluate franchising links, and excellent information management.

What Does The Award Mean?

According to Benjamin Cancelmo, the CEO of Sushi Itto, the award is a show of consistency in ensuring excellent customer care experience, unparalleled hospitality, and a great flavor. On his side, Elizarrarras stated that winning the award strengthens Mexican franchise in the international markets.

The Mexican Chapter

In the Mexican chapter, Ivan Tamer a franchisee of Prendamex took the second position. He was recognized for his efforts in the implementation of new marketing strategies that has restructured the entire chain of pawnshops. The highly competitive Mexican chapter was manned by a jury drawing its members from the Mexican Association of Franchises, the Universidad Anahuac, and entrepreneurs of the sector.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a prominent Mexican investor. Yunes is a franchisee of a Japanese food chain, Sushi Itto. Omar manages 13 franchised units, which have over 400 employees. In 2015, he was honored with the Best Franchisee of the World. Omar is known for motivating his employees through excellent remuneration, a factor that made earn the BFW award. Through his leadership, Sushi Itto has been able to develop viable business networks; design working strategies as well has to create an effective implementation control board.

Answering the Question “What is ClassDojo?” in 300 Words or Less

If you have ever wondered what ClassDojo was this is the article for you. ClassDojo is an all-in-one platform that was designed to bring together parents, students, and teachers within one community for a better learning experience. By providing teachers the ability to create an incredible classroom, ClassDojo aims to transform education for the better for kids around the world. ClassDojo was designed on the principal that there isn’t a one size fits all model classroom helping to close the gap between students of different learning styles.

This communication-based app connects teachers, parents, and students in a platform where they have the ability to work as a team sharing photos, videos, and messages throughout the school day. ClassDojo gives students the ability to have their own voice by featuring what they are learning by adding videos and photos to their portfolios. It gives parents the ability to engage in classroom moments that would have otherwise been missed and it also provides teachers with the ability create a positive learning culture within their classrooms through positive feedback.

ClassDojo is 100% free and available on any device including desktop and laptop computers, iOS, Android and Kindle devices. This revolutionary educational based app is currently being used in over 90% of elementary schools across the United States and in more than 180 countries worldwide. With the ability to be translated to and utilized in more than 35 languages, ClassDojo is designed to help students everywhere. ClassDojo has won countless awards including the TechCrunch Crunchie Award for Best Education Startup in 2015.