Jennifer Walden Comes Home To Her Family

Jennifer Walden has been lauded as one of the finest surgeons in the world, and it would seem best for her to sit up in New York where she had quite a thriving practice. She is a Texas native who chose to come home for the sake of her family, and she has brought her practice with her. This article looks at what the doctor does when she is in her new office in Austin.

#1: Austin, Texas Is An Excellent Home Base

Austin, Texas has become the new home base for Jennifer, and she prefers the area due to the number of college students, young professionals and retirees who prefer not to leave the area. The weather in Austin is fantastic for most of the year, and the city has one of the strongest economies in America. Her practice will continue just as it did in New York.

#2: Computer Modeling Offers Patient Proper Information

Someone who prefers to see the finished product may gaze upon a computer screen with the doctor, and their results will be shown on the screen. Going into surgery with a fine idea of what will happen is comforting to every patient.

#3: Jennifer Is A Designer Surgery Maven

Jennifer has been trained in a variety of designer surgeries that are famous around the world. She helps women change minor problems with their bodies that are quite difficult to deal with, and Jennifer is often the only doctor around who is qualified to do such surgeries. Her gentle care for every patient produces a result that makes women feel perfect for the first time.

Jennifer often speaks of the inner diva she wishes to show her patients, and patients often leave the office feeling as if their inner diva has been found. Plastic surgery changes lives with a few bodily alterations, and it provides women with an opportunity to work with a caring soul such as Jennifer.


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How Does Slyce Help People Shop?

Slyce is a great piece of technology for shopping, and it is a very easy way for people to get the things they want. This is very important because people have been taking far too long to get their shopping done, and they get tired of shopping. They can see all the things they want to shop for when they take one picture and use Slyce. They will be able to see all the results they need for a long shopping trip online, and it is very hard for people to ignore how simple it is to shop online with Pounce.

Someone who downloads the app for the first time will be able to have a good time shopping in the app just with pictures by using image recognition. The pictures will be used to get the search done faster, and it will show a lot of results that make it much easier for people to find the things they want to buy. Everyone who wants to have a much better time shopping should be sure that they are using Pounce and Slyce to get what they need. It is much faster, and it is the only way for people to make sure that they will find all the instances of the product that they want.

Someone who is committed to the shopping process will be able to download the app, and then they can get all their shopping done through their browser once they see their search results. Slyce made technology that is very fast, and it is the only one that has an app that is that powerful. Shopping trips take seconds, and the people who are willing to use this app every day will always find something more interesting to buy because it came through on the app in seconds after taking the picture.

Dentist Launches Campaign To Support Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel, DDS has a passion for smiles. He began his career in 1999 when he started his own dental practice in New Jersey. As a dentist, he understands the impact a healthy smile has on a person. Weisfogel strongly believes that children deserve the best possible care. He is also actively involved in charity work.
This passion led Weisfogel to create a GoFundMe campaign to support Operation Smile. He set a goal of two thousand dollars to help this amazing organization. Avi Weisfogel chose Operation Smile as the beneficiary of his campaign because of their extensive work with cleft lip and cleft palette surgeries.
Operation Smile performs surgeries free of charge to children and young adults around the globe. They specialize in surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palette, and other facial deformities. Operation Smile works with local healthcare professionals, governments, and other organizations to ensure the patients get the best care while staying close to their native area. This allows the patient to receive their medical care suited to their own culture and in their native language. They use multiple resources so they can provide medical assistance to the greatest possible number of afflicted children. This organization also works to help train medical personnel around the world.
Founded by Bill and Kathy McGee in 1982, Operation Smile began to help children in need of these medical services in the Philippines. They have since built a vast network throughout eighty countries. Their teams have helped over 200,000 children receive the surgeries required to make their lives better.

George Soros Urges European Authorities to Actively Support Ukraine against Continued Russian Onslaught

George Soros Ukraine is the founder of Soros Fund Management and currently chairs the fund. He is also the chairman of Open Society Foundations and a financial markets expert who has made billions of dollars from the financial and stock markets. Today, he is regarded as one of the pioneering forces behind the huge hedge-fund industry. Soros is a published author with several books under his name. He also writes several open-editorials for top online news outlets. Below are his views on saving Ukraine and why it is important for Europe to support the state.

Soros’ Take on Saving the New Ukraine

According to George Soros, the EU is faced with several internal challenges as well as one external problem that cannot be ignored further. This is the continued aggression that Ukraine faces from Russia. George Soros thinks that despite other pressing EU issues (like the Greece debt crisis or the immigration crisis), Ukraine should be given top priority. This is because the internal crises seem to divide the European Union while the situation in Ukraine would inevitably unite the member states against one external enemy.

Seemingly, a new Ukraine was born when former leader Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in 2014. Soros compares the old Ukrainian state to the old Greece due to the many impediments to reforms and democracy. He said that the state was headed by a political class of oligarchs that exploited its position purely for private gain rather than serving Ukrainians. However, by ignoring the plight of the newly reborn country, the EU risked returning the country back to its old dilapidated state.

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Save the New Ukraine

George Soros – Project Syndicate

Soros reveals that his strong connection to Ukraine stems from his own Ukrainian Foundation as well as his many personal involvements with the country. The billionaire actually took several bold steps to ensure that he encouraged the EU to become actively involved in Ukrainian matters. He even went ahead and prepared a winning strategy that he shared with the European Authorities.

Soros holds the opinion that in order to beat Vladimir Putin’s claim on Ukraine, the EU must carefully establish a balance between its support for Ukraine and sanctions levied at Russia. This avoids Russia from looking as the victim bearing the grunt of the entire European Union.

In his winning strategy blueprint, Soros believes that Ukraine should be given effective financial assistance that offers both budgetary support as well as political risk insurance to the current government in power. He also advocates for additional incentives especially for the private sector. This would stimulate economic reforms that would follow the political reforms already underway.

By instigating such strong reforms targeting the political and financial scene in the state, the ripple effects would inevitably trickle down to Russia. Russians would wake up to the realization that Putin’s policies are not working for them and that they too need similar reforms. If Ukraine’s allies combined their assistance to the newly born country and maintain sanctions against Russia, then Putin would be unable to spread his propaganda against the western states. This would be a huge political blow that he would possibly not recover from.

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