JeanMarie Guenot: Pharmaceutical Professional

JeanMarie Guenot has over 20 years of experience as a business executive for several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. She has a vast understanding of working with all stages of both private and public companies. She specializes in working with pharmaceutical research and development departments, corporate and commercial development, overall business development, project and alliance management, and venture capital.

One of the things she’s known for is her ability to build or rebuild companies from the ground up. Jeanmarie Guenot has extensive experience and interest in working in the more major therapeutic areas. Most recently, Guenot was recognized for her accomplishments with SKS Ocular.

SKS Ocular is a company that was founded, built, and ran by Guenot. It was a small startup ophthalmic company. Eventually, it gave birth to SKS Ocular 1, the first of five portfolio companies. It focused on dry AMD and ocular drug delivery technologies on The entire company was focused on helping patients with glaucoma, macular degeneration, and ocular inflammation.

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Although JeanMarie Guenot is known for her business expertise, she’s also quiet the medical expert. She’s been trained in physical and medicinal chemistry. She focused on quantum mechanical and semi-empirical methods for molecular dynamics, X-ray and NMR refinement, and drug design. She attended both the University of California, where she earned her Ph.D., and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her MBA.

After graduating, Dr. Guenot began her career at Atlas Venture. She was responsible for managing venture capital investments, and she built life science companies, where she operating on a Board of Directors level. Her scientific career didn’t begin until she started working at Hoffmann-La Roche as a principal scientist in preclinical research and development. She and her other team members were trying to discover and develop drugs for metabolic diseases, inflammation, autoimmune diseases and oncology.

Before Hoffmann, Dr. JeanMarie Guenot was Vice President of Corporate and Business Development at PDL BioPharma. While at PDL, Guenot led and negotiated the biggest deal of her career, the Biogen Idec-PDL 50:50. It was an $800 million transaction.

How Kate Hudson And TechStyle Found Grand Success With Fabletics

Just three years ago actress Kate Hudson and TechStyle teamed up to create Fabletics, an e-commerce website that offers fashionable athletic wear at a reasonable price on Fabletics, based in Los Angeles, now has a global market with over 1 million paying VIP members and thousands of employees. The company has also started opening brick and mortar stores around the United States, 18 so far, that are designed to compliment the website.

Hudson has commented that the idea for the company came to her when she realized that athletic wear just couldn’t cost enough to make to justify what retailers were charging for them. She started negotiating with TechStyle, headed by co-founders and co-CEO’s Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg to start her own e-commerce site under theirs. Ressler and Goldberg quickly saw the potential of the proposition of what Fabletics would offer. Once in the marketplace the concept caught on very quickly and in large part due to Fabletics, TechStyle is now worth over a billion dollar.

One of the key concepts behind Fabletics is that the company is vertically integrated. Because Fabletics makes the clothes they sell they control the costs and quality, as well as the ability to quickly respond to changing fashion trends on The company employs some of the top designers in the industry and the clothing is designed and manufactured using next-generation technology.

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Another approach the company has taken that separates them from the competition is that is primarily membership based. This helps to create a meaningful and lasting relationship between Fabletics and its customers. This also gives customers a reason to keep returning to the website in addition to Fabletics regularly debuting new limited-edition clothing.

Don Ressler has been involved in founding a number of companies. Don Ressler’s first startup was After selling this company to Intermix Media he went on to found Alena Media along with Goldberg. After having too many frustrations with parent company Intermix the pair left and formed Intelligent Beauty along with other brands. Eventually, they founded TechStyle as the parent company to all of their brands.

Ressler has been an athlete for most of his life, so he instantly saw the appeal in what Kate Hudson was proposing. He saw the gap in the athletic wear market where the prices being charged weren’t justifiable, which created an opening for a company like Fabletics to have great success.


Danilo Diaz Granados, Toys for Boys’ Co-founder Treats Elite Guests to a Remarkable Event

Danilo Diaz Granados is a renowned entrepreneur and investor residing in Miami. He boasts of massive credentials including a Bachelors degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship that he acquired from Babson College. After graduating from college, he became an investments advisor and entrepreneur with a broad market operation in Miami, Florida. Apart from that, he also serves as an associate to Fireman Capital Partners (FCP) and a corporate member of an investment program of Equity Bank.

At FCP, Mr. Diaz is responsible for researching issues affecting the globe and investment equity issues. He also serves as an environmental analyst where he analyzes demographic, innovative and social factors so as to advise investors about the current market situation. This trait has made him stand out as an innovative, analytical and reliable investor in the current business world. His broad investment ideas made him come up with a business empire, Edge of Glory Films where he serves as the manager of resources.

Danilo Diaz Granados hosted yet another diligent event filled with dignified guests in Miami. This event was orchestrated in style and fashion. It featured the presence of helicopter rides, and sunset boat rides together with bottles of Dom Perignon to sum up the exclusive event. He mentioned that he wanted to give his guests a once in a lifetime experience that would create an opportunity to individuals within Miami to check out high-end products. Several lucky guests at the event enjoyed the privilege of a luxurious breakfast at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum Sales Center.

Danilo Diaz Granados also went aboard on a half hour helicopter ride all the way to Palm Beach Race Track where everybody was given the coveted chance to spin the vehicles around the tracks. After that, the guests were treated to a heavy lunch at the River Yacht Club. The day was concluded with a boat ride at the bay as the guests observed the view of the beautiful sunset transpire before them. Talk of a day well spent.  Check out Danilo’s Vimeo page for more from the event.

Stephen Murray Was A Caring Capitalist

Capitalism is a difficult system. As has often been said, it is one of the worst systems except when you compare it to all other available options. As someone who has chosen to make my own home in the business world, I am a fully aware of all that capitalism has to offer and where the shortcomings of the system may lie.

This was also very much true for a colleague of mine who recently passed away. The late Stephen P. Murray was someone who was totally a capitalist, committed to the system and yet fully aware of the many ways in which the system could be made far better for all concerned. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

It is with this knowledge that I write of him and his devotion to his work and the people that he helped served. His memory lives on in all those who he helped.

Starting Early

Like so many of us, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital realized that his home was in the world of capitalism. He was completely devoted to the needs of people like me who also wanted to enter this field. It was as a child that he began to become aware of how he could make this field his very own. This is why he decided to make the field of economics part of his life.

I first met him at college. We were students together in Boston. Like him, I was also eager to get on with my life and also also anxious to learn all that I could about the field of economics.

As a fellow native of the New York City area, we bonded very quickly, become friends easily because of our shared background in the field. I remember spending many hours talking with him about growing up there and how it shaped our worldview.

An Impressive Career

When Stephen Murray decided to enter the field of banking, he brought people like along for the ride. As he climbed the proverbial corporate ladder, I was with him all the way. I watched as he repeatedly got promotions and then later become a Vice President at one of the most important banks in America.

It seemed clear to me that he was in his element there, working with money and helping people to get access to working capital. I was so saddened to hear of his passage. I write in loving memory of his wonderful, caring life.

George Soros Urges European Authorities to Actively Support Ukraine against Continued Russian Onslaught

George Soros Ukraine is the founder of Soros Fund Management and currently chairs the fund. He is also the chairman of Open Society Foundations and a financial markets expert who has made billions of dollars from the financial and stock markets. Today, he is regarded as one of the pioneering forces behind the huge hedge-fund industry. Soros is a published author with several books under his name. He also writes several open-editorials for top online news outlets. Below are his views on saving Ukraine and why it is important for Europe to support the state.

Soros’ Take on Saving the New Ukraine

According to George Soros, the EU is faced with several internal challenges as well as one external problem that cannot be ignored further. This is the continued aggression that Ukraine faces from Russia. George Soros thinks that despite other pressing EU issues (like the Greece debt crisis or the immigration crisis), Ukraine should be given top priority. This is because the internal crises seem to divide the European Union while the situation in Ukraine would inevitably unite the member states against one external enemy.

Seemingly, a new Ukraine was born when former leader Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in 2014. Soros compares the old Ukrainian state to the old Greece due to the many impediments to reforms and democracy. He said that the state was headed by a political class of oligarchs that exploited its position purely for private gain rather than serving Ukrainians. However, by ignoring the plight of the newly reborn country, the EU risked returning the country back to its old dilapidated state.

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George Soros – Project Syndicate

Soros reveals that his strong connection to Ukraine stems from his own Ukrainian Foundation as well as his many personal involvements with the country. The billionaire actually took several bold steps to ensure that he encouraged the EU to become actively involved in Ukrainian matters. He even went ahead and prepared a winning strategy that he shared with the European Authorities.

Soros holds the opinion that in order to beat Vladimir Putin’s claim on Ukraine, the EU must carefully establish a balance between its support for Ukraine and sanctions levied at Russia. This avoids Russia from looking as the victim bearing the grunt of the entire European Union.

In his winning strategy blueprint, Soros believes that Ukraine should be given effective financial assistance that offers both budgetary support as well as political risk insurance to the current government in power. He also advocates for additional incentives especially for the private sector. This would stimulate economic reforms that would follow the political reforms already underway.

By instigating such strong reforms targeting the political and financial scene in the state, the ripple effects would inevitably trickle down to Russia. Russians would wake up to the realization that Putin’s policies are not working for them and that they too need similar reforms. If Ukraine’s allies combined their assistance to the newly born country and maintain sanctions against Russia, then Putin would be unable to spread his propaganda against the western states. This would be a huge political blow that he would possibly not recover from.

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