Answering the Question “What is ClassDojo?” in 300 Words or Less

If you have ever wondered what ClassDojo was this is the article for you. ClassDojo is an all-in-one platform that was designed to bring together parents, students, and teachers within one community for a better learning experience. By providing teachers the ability to create an incredible classroom, ClassDojo aims to transform education for the better for kids around the world. ClassDojo was designed on the principal that there isn’t a one size fits all model classroom helping to close the gap between students of different learning styles.

This communication-based app connects teachers, parents, and students in a platform where they have the ability to work as a team sharing photos, videos, and messages throughout the school day. ClassDojo gives students the ability to have their own voice by featuring what they are learning by adding videos and photos to their portfolios. It gives parents the ability to engage in classroom moments that would have otherwise been missed and it also provides teachers with the ability create a positive learning culture within their classrooms through positive feedback.

ClassDojo is 100% free and available on any device including desktop and laptop computers, iOS, Android and Kindle devices. This revolutionary educational based app is currently being used in over 90% of elementary schools across the United States and in more than 180 countries worldwide. With the ability to be translated to and utilized in more than 35 languages, ClassDojo is designed to help students everywhere. ClassDojo has won countless awards including the TechCrunch Crunchie Award for Best Education Startup in 2015.