The Impressive And Knowledgeable Track Record Of White Shark Media

White Shark Media is one of the leaders in digital marketing and offers online marketing solutions tailored for small to medium sized businesses. The are one of the fastest growing agencies in their field in North America and have a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and cost effective campaigns.


White Shark Media has helped companies all over America with business growth by using a combination of online marketing tactics and their specialized suites of marketing tools. They track the marketing efforts of their clients with keyword level tracking ensuring they are accountable to their clients on a monthly basis.


Their first client remains with the company and has seen three years of consistent growth. White Shark Media is now located in three countries and has more than 150 employees. They have mastered Bing Ads, Google Analytics, AdWords Search and Display Advertising. In 2012 Google invited White Shark Media to the Google HQ in Mountain View California due to their rapid growth. They worked with a support team to leverage out the needs of their clients and their growth.


Three Danish entrepreneurs founded White Shark Media in 2011 with a vast experience in online and offline marketing. Their goal was the conquering of the SMB market in both Latin America and the United States by providing unprecedented service and an outstanding product. They found the winning formula with a combination of a domestic and offshore presence using an employee base that was bilingual and talented.


White Shark Media shares all their knowledge and experience with their clients. They use proven concepts instead of testing from scratch. They are one of just 29 Google AdWords SMB Partners located in the United States. In July of 2014, White Shark Media received a partnership with Google AdWords Premier due to their collaboration with the company. They are part of a group of hand selected strategic partners that have met the stringent training and eligibility requirements of Google. This recognition is privileged and not often awarded.

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