Renown Health is Providing Unmatched Healthcare to the Reno Communities

Healthcare industry is one of the most important sectors in any economy. Millions of dollars are invested annually by governments and corporations to ensure that most if not all US citizens access quality medical services. At the moment Government alone is not able to achieve quality healthcare for every citizen. That is why stakeholders and other industry players come together to ensure that communities get access to proper medical services.

One of the organizations that are championing quality healthcare for all is Renown Health. The firm is a non-profit, locally run healthcare network. The larger community of Reno is involved in the operations and management of the facility. All the revenues generated by the firm are reinvested back into the communities in which Renown Health operates.

Recently, the organization announced its plans of launching another clinic in the southern parts of Reno. The new clinic is housed in the Summit Mall and will be providing healthcare services to the people of South Reno. Renown Health will for a start provide primary health care and laboratory services as it works towards additional services.

One of the striking features of the new clinic includes the large office space the clinic shall occupy. The clinic will cover over 10,000 square feet of office space. With a more inviting and comfortable interior, the facility shall feel like the modern living room space. Patients shall enjoy more space and additional facilities such as the conference room in case they want to have a meeting with the medical professionals. Click here to know more.

The clinic shall employ the services of over 11 staff with plans to add more personnel in the future. In the recent past, the expansion of health care facilities has slowed down because of the uncertainty occasioned by the Trump presidency though for service providers such as Renown Health its business as usual.

One of the reasons as to why Renown Health has continuously recorded growth is the fact it has no shareholders or owners to please. The company is guided by the principle of good will and the need to improve the health of members of the Reno Communities.

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