Bruce Bent; the Innovative Entrepreneur.

Bruce Bent is a New York-born entrepreneur who first started out as a clerk and mail carrier. He joined the US Marine Core before enrolling in St. John’s University. At St. John’s University, he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Economics. After university, Bruce Bent started out his long and prosperous career at Rothschild and Company. It was one of the most celebrated firms in New York. He worked at the Rothschild Firm for about two years before transferring to a pension firm. It is while working at the pension firm where he met his friend and business partner, Mr. Brown.
Bruce crafted the idea of establishing the first money market after meeting with Mr. Brown. Together with his friend Brown, they consistently racked their brains, trying to figure out the best and safest way to make investments. The idea of creating a money market was superb: it allowed investors to access their money as soon as they wanted it. That was not all; the money market would guarantee investor safety for their money. When they set up the business, it first started out slowly mainly because they had not done any serious advertisement for the services they rendered.
Their main means of advertising was through telephone calls to potential customers and distribution of brochures in the streets. They, however, got their big break early in 1973 when the New York Times featured their business in one of their articles in the business segment. Surprisingly, the public reacted quite positively to their innovation. By the end of 1973, the firm had received over 100 million dollars in deposits.
As an entrepreneur, Bent has tried his hand in many businesses. He has earned his place on the table of movers and shakers. One of his most respected enterprises is the Double Rock. The enterprise is a corporation that mainly deals with financial technology. It is an established company with a large workforce. Double Rock has many subsidiaries which it fully owns. Bruce has a few patents under his name being a pioneer in the money market or cash management business. This shows that Bruce Bent is not only business savvy but also an innovator.
He is also keen in ensuring that business does not flourish at the expense of the environment. Bruce Bent is a believer and supporter of development that is sustainable. He sits on the Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson.The purpose of the council is to conserve the Hudson River from pollution.

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Eloise Monaghan’s Honey Birdette Continues to Make Inroads in the American Market

Honey Birdette, one of the biggest women undergarment brands globally, recently took another major step in conquering the U.S. market by launching its US e-commerce site. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Honey Birdette has been making inroads in the American and European markets over the recent past. The recent launch was a strategic move by the company to capitalize on the lucrative American market that has proved to be warming up towards the brand. From 2016 and stretching over to 2017, the company has made unprecedented increment in its online sales within the United States for up to 374 percent. The e-commerce site will bring with it more success. On top of the online marketing, plans are also underway for the opening of a physical store in the United States.

The UK and Australia Stores

Honey Birdette started its operations in Australia in 2006 after Eloise Monaghan founded it. Eleven years down the line, the company has opened more than 55 stores in Australia, and more are still in the pipeline. Surprisingly enough, the company had not ventured into the oversee market up until last year when it launched its first foreign stores in the United Kingdom. The stores were opened in London’s Covent Garden, Westfield White City, and Leeds’ Victoria Gate. One year later, Honey Birdette is in the process of opening additional ten stores in the UK, with a long-term goal of opening 40 stores before the curtains fall for next year. Some of the strategic markets targeted by the company include Liverpool, Leeds, Westfield Stratford, and Newcastle.

Words from the Founder

Speaking after the launch of the U.S. e-commerce site, Honey Birdette’s founder, Eloise Monaghan, said that the site launch was aimed at revolutionizing the customer experience. She added that with the new development, the American customer would have a full range of products to choose from. Clients making orders in excess of $50 will also be given free delivery.

Products from Honey Birdette

The cost of Honey Birdette lingerie products ranges from $100 to $300. The produce quality Lingerie, including Bras, Thongs, Knickers, Suspenders, Teddies & Bodysuits, and Robes & Chemises

Besides the lingerie, the company also produces essentials such as stockings and candles, as well as toys for both genders, novelty, and lubricants.

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Understanding Cassio Audi

One of the mot interesting parts of the financial world is how different investment markets affect investments. An investment can be in one market literally halfway around the world but a situation in another country can affect that particular investment. The reasons why this can happen and does happen are varied. Markets are a part of the financial world that hold many keys to the success of investments.

Therefore, for people who make investment decisions, a big key to investment success is handling the market changes that will occur. Investment companies are often placed in decision making positions related to investments. In many of these companies, there are people whose primary job responsibility is to watch the markets. These professionals, such as Cassio Audi,  are placed with the task of following markets on a daily basis to determine what is occurring in the markets and what might occur in the markets that could possibility affect investments that are managed by the investment companies.

Decisions concerning markets and investments are made based on what these professionals decide. Investment companies put a lot of time and effort into following and understanding markets because the companies recognize the importance of the markets. In addition, all markets behave in certain ways based on situations but also based on location. The markets in Brazil will react to certain changes differently than other markets; investment managers and other investment professionals must understand the differences between markets.

Cassio Audi is a professional in the investment management field who has learned how to follow markets both locally and globally. Cassio Audi has worked in the investment profession long enough to discover the various characteristics of the markets that respond to specific conditions and situations. This knowledge has helped Cassio Audi to be able to make good investment decisions related to market changes.

As the markets change, investments tend to change based on the flow of the markets. Investment managers like Cassio Audi who have learned how to follow and recognize what markets do are in a position to make investment decisions that can save or make a lot of money.